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Férias e informação: SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ

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Villa Santa Catarina
Santa Catarina Palopó
Tzampoc Resort
Santa Catarina Palopó
Hotel Boutique Casa Pachitiya
Santa Catarina Palopó
Tosa La Laguna Holistic Spa and Retreat Center
Panajachel 0.81 km
Hotel El Sol
Panajachel 2.32 km
Casa Solhana
Panajachel 2.38 km
Posada Los Encuentros
Panajachel 2.79 km
Hotel Paradise Inn
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Perla Maya Hotel
Panajachel 3.03 km
Hotel Los Angeles Panajachel
Panajachel 3.05 km
Hotel Rancho Grande Inn
Panajachel 3.11 km
Hotel Posada Don Margarito
Panajachel 3.14 km
Hotel Posada Chinimaya
Panajachel 3.25 km
Porta Hotel del Lago
Panajachel 3.26 km
Hotel Real Santander
Panajachel 3.42 km
Regis Hotel Spa
Panajachel 3.42 km
Posada de Don Jose
Panajachel 3.45 km
Hospedaje El Viajero
Panajachel 3.46 km

Aeroportos próximos de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ a uma distância máxima de 250 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ
AQB - Quiché Airport 32.09 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ - Aeroporto Regional
AAZ - Quetzaltenango Airport 42.69 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ - Aeroporto internacional
GUA - Aeroporto Internacional La Aurora 67.00 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ - Aeroporto internacional
TAP - Tapachula 133.06 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ - Aeroporto internacional
CJT - Copalar 189.00 km do centro de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ - Aeroporto internacional

Informações gerais acerca de SANTA CATARINA PALOPÓ
Santa Catarina Palopó is a municipality in the Sololá department of Guatemala. The municipality is located on the shores of Lake Atitlán, approximately 3 miles South-Southeast of Panajachel, a popular tourist destination. To the East-Southeast is San Antonio Palopó. The three aforementioned towns are connected by one paved road, which runs directly through Santa Catarina Palopó. The population of Santa Catarina Palopó is approximately 5,000 according to a 2011 census conducted by the town administration. The vast majority of the residents of the town are indigenous, descending from the Kaqchikel Maya. Kaqchikel is the most common language spoken in the village, though Spanish is widely understood. Subsistence agriculture and fishing are the means of survival for most families within the community, however, a recently spurred tourist industry has created a market for souvenir style goods and services. Perhaps the most easily recognizable characteristic of Santa Catarina Palopó is the blue huipil, or blouse, which is worn prominently by the women of the community. Though the guipil has been worn since the 16th century, it may seem to be particularly indigenous trait, the blue style is, in fact, the result of very recent external influences.
Fonte: wikipedia
Santa Catarina Palopó is easy to get to. From Panajachel public pickups known as fletes leave regularly. To find a pick up walk up the Calle Principal towards the market. At the road to Santa Catarina in front of Chalos grocery you will see fletes (pick ups with some iron bars in the back) going to San Antonio Palopó and Santa Catarina Palopó. Though the pickups going to San Antonio Palopó will pass through Santa Catarina, it's best to board one that is going directly to Santa Catarina. Ask the driver if he is going to Santa Catarina or look for the women wearing blue trajes in the back. The cost is 5Q each way (typically 10Q for tourists - you could complain about your 60 cents but it has become standard practice across the lake, all businesses, so don´t bother fighting it). Alternatively, if you don't want to take public transportation you can arrange private boat service with a variety of tour operators and lancheros in Panajachel. These options are more expensive and you might be quoted prices as high as 250Q.

The hot springs or aguas termales located on the North side of the lake are frequented by many visitors.
Santa Catarina is a great place to walk. A trip up to the onion fields above the village is highly recommended. To get to the onion fields just head up one of the footpaths towards the residential area. Go up and keep going up. If you ask people along the way, they will be more than happy to direct you to the onion fields. When you get to the top you will see an array of onion fields, corn plantations, and fields of flowers. It's a truly beautiful place and the views of the lake are amazing!
Extreme Mayan Adventures (Extreme Mayan Adventures Educational Tourism), [2]. offers educational adventure travel packages and total immersion cultural home-stay with traditional Kaqchikel Mayan families. These are unique non-traditional trips for people who want to experience an original vacation. edit
Atitlan Services, [3]. A good traditional tour operator offering private boat trips to the villages around the lake, shuttle service, tour guides, and day trips.
Fonte: wikitravel
The typical food in Santa Catarina Palopo is a succulent stew made with white beans and pork ribs, home-grown hens with a pulique-like recado, grilled fish from the lake, battered string beans bunches, and steamed guisquiles, potatoes, and corn on the cob.
Once again, I am craving for some traditional food and my mouth is literally watering. Believe me, the simplest steamed guisquil can become a delicatessen!
Fonte: ajourneythroughguatemala
The climate is tropical in Santa Catarina Palopo. In winter there is much more rainfall in Santa Catarina Palopo than in summer. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is As. The average annual temperature in Santa Catarina Palopo is 19.4 °C. The average annual rainfall is 1546 mm.
Fonte: climate-data



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Mayan Golf Club
Villa Nueva

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